Richand, WA Tasting Room Hours
Friday & Saturday: 11:00am – 5:00pm | Sunday: 12:00-4:00
Join us at on the foothills of Candy Mountain! We welcome all, including your furry friends! 


Candy Mountain is one Washington’s newest purposed AVA’s located right outside of Tri-Cities on the South slope of Candy Mountain. The South West side of the AVA will border the famed Red Mountain AVA in Washington State.  At 815 acres, Candy Mountain will be Washington’s smallest AVA with some of the state’s top wineries sourcing grapes here.


Our small Candy Ridge Vineyard allows us to be hands on throughout the whole process. From pruning to picking you will find our family staying in tune with the vineyard throughout the year, adjusting and nurturing each vine as the vintage commands. We are herbicide free and pride ourselves in growing healthy vines that showcase our place on the mountain.


Expressing our small piece of land in each bottle is an absolute honor. It is our promise for place to always be put first in our wines from Candy Mountain. This means we value honesty in our winemaking and promise to never use added tannin, proteins, color additives, or any other wine altering product during our process.

“I imagine the characteristics of the wine would be very similar to Red Mountain because the soils are quite similar. However, Candy Mountain is equivalent to the best of what’s on Red Mountain.” –Kevin Pogue