The Winemaker

Growing up our son Seth Kitzke, helped plant the vineyards and worked them every summer. Learning the ins and outs from his father and others that were figuring out this young Washington State Wine Industry. He spent his time in the winter snowboarding, and pursuing other aspirations in life. After years of filming for companies and multiple injuries, his roots began pulling him back to the vineyard.

“At one point I got seriously injured, the thoughts of what I was put here on this earth for continuously raced through my head. I grew up on a 100+ acre farm and I knew I loved wine. Truthfully, I felt as if I knew wine was my calling but I was delaying the inevitable.” -Seth

Living in Seattle Seth attended the Northwest Wine Academy in West Seattle. Studying wine under Regina Daigneault and production under Peter Bos. From there he worked with Brennon Leighton at K Vitners/Charles Smith Wines and Brian Carter Cellars with Brian Carter and Robert Takahashi. In 2015 we started the transition from Charlie Hoppes to our son Seth, and in 2016 made the transition with Seth taking over. It was only a matter of time until we made the switch, and it feels pretty natural to let him make wine from the vineyards he has been working the last 16 years.

Seth & his stunning wife Audrey.

“Someone I look up to said, “First you have to be an echo before you can be a voice.” “ I value the people I have worked with and the wisdom gained from them. The years I have spent in our vineyard and the wines it has produced have influenced me.  The performance varies across our vineyard due to soil types and I understand it. Showcasing our vineyard the way I believe it wants to be expressed is my goal.”” –Seth

We are so grateful for the last ten years of our journey. All the support we have received from you has been a blessing. Working with some of this states best winemakers has been incredible, but bringing it full circle back to the family has been a dream come true!

Paul & Vickie Kitzke